I am a PhD-candidate in bioinformatics in the Delft Bioinformatics Lab at TU Delft and my project is in close collaboration with the Bacterial Genomics Group at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, where I do most of my work. My background is in electrical engineering and computer science, and I have gained a huge interest in biology the past few years. Now I am using my knowledge on algorithms, data structures and machine learning to help answer biological questions.

My research focusses on developing new tools and algorithms to analyse bacterial populations. While many bacteria are harmless, some specific strains can become pathogenic, even though they’re considered the same species. The goal is to improve our ability to track and dissect the genomes of specific bacterial strains in (DNA) sequencing datasets. This will aid in our understanding how antibiotic resistance arises in bacteria, or how the genes responsible for antibiotic resistance spread within a patient or hospital.

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